Stage Call Production Services 
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Stage Call Production Services provides production labor services, live event labor crews and stagehands to the entertainment industry. Our skilled staff are experienced in the fields of Audio, Lighting, Video, Rigging and Staging. We work closely with the promoter, tour management and road crews to get their production requirements accomplished safely and efficiently.

Choosing Stage Call Production Services as your provider for event personnel, will guarantee that you will have a skilled and experienced production crew. Give you piece of mind knowing that you have a workforce that is fully insured with liability and workers compensation coverage.

Stage Call Production Services eliminates the headaches of staff scheduling and payroll. We oversee all staff scheduling and we process and administer all staff payroll.

Stage Call is committed to providing the highest quality of service at the best prices our rates are very competitive, cost-effective and flexible.

Stage Call is committed to each client's budget. We will work closely with them to help them meet their needs and keep them within their budget.



Stage Call Production Services is a OSHA Compliant Company

and a cost-effective, hassle-free and safe solution

to all your production labor needs